L2MS charter

 L2MS Showcase  : Registration terms and conditions

 L2MS Showcase 

L2MS - Lille Metal Music Showcase is the 1st European event bringing together professionals from the extreme music industry. For its 1st edition, Lille Metal Music Showcase will take place from 6-8 February 2024 at Lille Grand Palais. 
By registering your band for Lille Metal Music Showcase you undertake to comply with the following conditions if your application is accepted by the jury. 

1. General conditions of participation: 

1.1. The band shall perform one 30-minute showcase in a venue with a capacity of 1,000 spectators, open to the general public. 
1.2. Fifteen bands / day shall play alternately on two different stages between 5pm and 11.30pm. 
1.3. The bands selected shall have access to the L2MS trade show and may be accompanied by one member of their entourage (all other members of the professional entourage must purchase an accreditation). 
1.4. The band will also be able to participate in one workshop session with extreme music professionals (including a welcome pack, at no extra cost). 
1.5. Bands shall be chosen by one jury made up of six European professionals (30 groups maximum shall be selected). 

2. Admission criteria 

2.1. Showcase registration fee of €20 incl. VAT. 
2.2. On the application date, the band must not have performed more than 50 concerts abroad (outside its home country) since January 2022. 
2.3. The band must have played 20 concerts between 01/01/23 and 31/12/23. 
2.4. The band must have released at least one 5-track extended play (EP) before October 2023. 
2.5. The band must have at least one drummer and one guitarist (minimum two people on stage). 
2.6. The band must come from continental Europe. 
2.7. The band undertakes to be available on 07 or 08 February 2024 until their selection in the Lille Metal Music showcase is confirmed (results end November 2023). 
2.8. The band certifies that no discriminatory, anti-Semitic, racist, homophobic, transphobic, misogynist, etc words shall be included in their repertoire and written or oral communication. Lille Metal Music Showcase has the right to the right to cancel a band, if the band doesn’t respect those rules (even if the band is already selected). 

3. Final conditions: 

3.1. Backline autonomy - one common backline per stage. Any additional requirements at band’s expense. 
3.2. Accommodation and transport not covered. 
3.3. No rider. 
3.4. The band agrees to be filmed/recorded for L2MS promotional purposes.
3.5. The group will be paid a fee based on the number of people performing on stage.